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Fiddling around, making some changes, gonna get this blog rollin’ once again…your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Stay Tuned for some insightful, inspiring and downright earth shattering posts!


But, I promise,  at least a few smiles!  (the pic should give you a  hint about at least one of the upcoming posts!)

HUGZ!Bella Grace Cathedral


AKA BellaDaddy


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Silly me

JUNE?  Really, I haven’t posted since JUNE?  I am SUCH a doof, especially after writing that I would do better…about writing….(hangs head in shame, wearing sign around neck, large letters…in bold…”DOOF“)!

The title really does indicate why I haven’t written…Life IS Good…but soooo busy lately.

I received a message last night, on the Facebook Page .  A rather exciting, but nonetheless, confidential message (for now – stay tuned).  But, it made me realize I hadn’t been here in months (JUNE, REALLY?!)

Life Is good.  It comes from a friend, a dear friend, Mattie.  She’d had it for the whole world to see, emblazoned on the tire cover of her car.  (Sadly, it has been stolen a few times that I know of…perhaps the person, or persons, could not find that inspiration, and decided stealing it was a quick fix)…  Mattie is truly and inspiration for our family, and anytime I see, proclaim or use the “Life is Good” moniker, I think of her.  A truly passionate person, a gifted parent and a super amazing outlook on life.  I am truly humbled by her…222244444

So, busy?  YEAH BABY, we are SOOOO busy!  Bella has been thriving in school…seriously pursuing her Karate aspirations…and in general, just being the beautiful little girl…we all know her to be.  Hardheaded…certainly!  Fashionable…absolutely!   Talkative…OMG! Yes, a real Chatty Cathy…who knew?

Me?  Well, as you can surmise, Bella IS my life.  Being a Stay At Home Parent for the last 7 years, what else could come of it.  I’ve lived & breathed Bella 24/7.  But now?  Hmmm, now it is time for me.  Not surprisingly, it is STILL (of course) about Bella!  HA!

Just over a year ago, we designed and made her birthday cake.  (after being quoted $650.00 – OH HELL NO!)   A first for me…OK, Bella as well!  Since then, I’ve done almost 100 cakes for friends, and clients.  YUP!  CLIENTS!

BELLADADDY BAKES was born…(please, feel free to like my page)…(yes, I inserted shameless plug)  and now, well now I am pursuing starting a business.  You’ll note: Bella is (obviously – duh!) still very much a prominent part of my life, and now my business…as it carries her name.  I am pretty much known everywhere, as Bella’s Daddy…or simply BellaDaddy!


(yup, another shameless plug -like the damned page already, would ya?!)

Check out the gallery, BellaDaddy Bakes Photos and remember, self taught, and I KNOW my Mother is rolling in her grave, laughing…”you are doing WHAT?” (Miss ya Mom)

I’ve designed and created for some amazing clients…well known and not…friends…neighbors…politicians and businesses….I’ll be confirming this business venture soon…licensing and all…as soon as I get some time away from cakes, and the day to day life of being a Parent to file…HA!  (not a bad problem to have, really)

Oh, by the way, We’re ENGAGED! (when asked if she would be the flower girls, Bella exclaimed…”naw, I’ve already done that”  (Thanks Rosemary & Colin…but she did agree to be our Best Girl)

So, in short…



Cache directory "/home/content/b/e/l/bell4028/html/wp-content/plugins/ttftitles/cache" is not writable.I DON’T DO…THE DRIVE THRU!

Anyone who knows me, and my issues with waiting in lines, will completely understand where I am coming from here.  I Don’t Do the Drive Thru…not for fast food, not for ticket sales, not for coffee…..ESPECIALLY not for coffee…and most certainly not for school!

UH UH!  NO WAY!  NOT MY THANG!  never has been, never will be!

It may work for many, not me…

Now, since Bella has been in Montessori for 3 years now, two campuses, there has always been the Parent Drop Off/Drive Thru.  It was in place long before me, and will be in place long after.  Sure, it is convenient for most, but not this Daddy-O.  In the 3 years since she has been enrolled I tried it…ONCE!  And only then, because a certain staff member kept belittling me for not “doing as the other parents do”.  Personally, I believe she was insulted that I may not have trusted her judgement in protecting my child.  Perhaps that was a bit of it…I mean c’mon, we all know how distracted parents can be while driving…let alone idling in a wait line of other parent “controlled” automobiles.  (yup, road rage can and does happen in the drive thru lane – albeit subtly).

Some may think me an over controlling parent, paranoid for my kids safety…but…seriously?! It is MY decision…my love…my daughter!  The simple truth is:  I LOVE walking my daughter into school.  We hold hands, we hug and kiss before she strolls through the gates.  We say “I Love You” to each other and wish the “Best of Day”.  I appreciate and refuse to relinquish these special moments.

I park a block away, and we walk.  Because we walk, we have been able to have intelligent conversations, skip and be silly…and in general, spend a tiny bit more  quality time together.

Ironically, we tense up as we approach the drive thru.  (remember, we all know how parental driving habits can be), as we know we have to watch for cars coming out of the drive.  Yup, we’ve almost been run over (at least our toes) quite a few times.  Parents looking left, as we approach right, and driving out, before looking both ways.  It happens often.  We even have a code for one parent in particular.  We say “freeze” and wait for him to drive out…we know his car…we know his face…and his manner of dress.  Frankly, Bella notices him usually before I do.

All that said, we have other…more special reasons…for walking into school.  We get to see the sites, the flowers, the butterflies…and yes, the bugs.  Bella delights in discovering new things…everyday!

This past school year, on the new campus, Bella and I have had the good fortune of “meeting” an elderly couple who live on the street where we park.   Every day, just after 3PM, we see him holding the door open for his wife, gently guiding her into the seat. (Bella was so excited recently, when they bought a new, cool lime colored car).  They drive off, slowing down as they pass.  Bella & I getting into our own car, the smiles broaden, the arms go up and out the windows..and we all wave to one another.

This happens every day.  It has become a tradition.  We all wait…wait to see one another so we can wave.  Bella is thrilled she has such “cool friends who are friendly”…though we have never actually met.  Just smiles, waves and cars, passing.

One day, Bella had the best idea…to “write a letter to the nice older people who wave at me.”   She wanted  them to know of her, before the school year ended.  She was concerned they may forget her before starting second grade in the new year.

Papa and I did a bit of research, acquired their married name and home address, and now…(she is making certain they will remember her)



“Dear Mr. and Mrs. ****, 

My Names is Bella *****-*******, 

I am the girl that you wave at everytime at 3:00.  Thank you for waving and making me smile everyday.  I love your new car”…

She goes on to describe her life with her Daddy & Papa, and her two dogs Sam & Scuzi…and says she looks forward to seeing them again, soon.




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OK, so yes, I realize it HAS been awhile…(a damned long while)

So let me just say one thing…SORRY!


Been a whirlwind of activity…school, birthday parties ..cakes…and more cakes.  Yeah, BellaDaddy’s hobby has kinda exploded…cake orders everywhere: (inserting shameless plug here):


…but since this is a site about my life with the little one…let me start with, and leave with these:

 Bella Graduated Karate school this week, with her Yellow Belt!

Karate Graduationphoto (14)

SO PROUD! (presented her with a bouquet of roses, wrapped in what else?  A Yellow Belt!)


…and this:


(Easter was a grand ole time)

…and of course, this:

Bella Feminine


Bella has decided that she wants to wear “Feminine” clothes…”Daddy, I want to dress like a girl again, just not “girlie”.  It is called feminine”  *sigh*


OK, so, I promise (and no, not another empty one)…MORE COMING SOON!



“Life Is Good”


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So, everyday after school, we stop at the local Safeway to get a snack. There is a Starbucks inside and Bella usually buys a cake pop, cookie, brownie or something yummy.  She is pretty well known there.  By name.  By fashion choices.  By her smile.  Etc…Etc…Etc…

BellaDaddy HAS to have a drink…A requirement when Bella has been in the car.        Chatty Cathy  really!  Only five minutes in the car and BellaDaddy’s ears are ringing!  *sigh*

Today, as we were driving into the parking lot…Daddy saw…


Me: “Bella, Bella, Look, quick…it’s SANTA!!!

Bella says..” I see him, but, Daddy, it’s not the real one”…”Daddy, it cant be the real one”

Hmm,…”really?, then lets go find him in the store and ask him”.  Simple!

Not so simple.  We walked round and round. Every aisle and back…three times.  No sign of him.  I tell Bella it HAS to be the Real Santa.  Who else could disappear from a store in the blink of an eye.  Exclaiming that only the real Santa could have known Bella was searching for him, and he had to make haste!  (she starts to light up – more determined than ever to find him)

He comes around the corner of an end cap…Bella squeezes my hand.  You could almost see the twinkle in his eye as he spotted Bella.  He walks up, leans down and takes her hand:

“Little one, you must always be good, because you never know who you are going to see in the grocery store!

Then, (and oh! how I wish I could have thanked him out loud)…“you must clean your room, little one.”  (Bella and I had just discussed last evening, the importance of keeping her room clean during the holidays… – as one never knows who will be watching – true story)!  Pssst…it’s Elf on the Shelf

As all this is going down, Bella sheepishly looks up at me…and very quietly says:

“Daddy, it IS the Real Santa”


As he Ho Ho Ho‘d down the aisle to the cashier, we followed and took this picture ..because…and in her own words:

“Daddy, we HAVE to take a picture!  No one will believe me.  I met THE REAL SANTA!”


Life Is Good!